Union Baptist Church of Filbert SC

Union church was established in 1838 three miles north of the village of Yorkville (York) and organized by members out of Flint Hill Baptist Church near Fort Mill.  Union Church was instrumental in the founding of First Baptist church of York and first Baptist Church in Clover.  Furthermore, Union is a charter member of the York County Baptist Association.   We commend Union Baptist for its 180+ years heritage; the Christian witness it has provided to the community; its support of missions locally, nationally, and around the world.  Foremost we commend the church for the lives that have been changed by its witness.

On March 24, 1838, three ministers met with 16 men and women to organize the church, according to a history published for the church’s 150th anniversary. Most of the members came from Flint Hill Baptist Church in Fort Mill.

After naming a treasurer, the new church resolved to create a church fund; each man agreed to pay 25 cents and each woman 12.5 cents. Three acres of land for the church were donated by John McArthur, according to the history, and one acre was purchased for $3 from James Wood. James Brian, another member, later donated a fifth acre.

During the early period, the history says, services were held irregularly, often once a month, and usually on Saturday. The church was served by a succession of pastors; each usually served for a year.

“Often, there would be more than one sermon in one day,” according to the published history. “Sometimes, one or two ministers would come and preach for three days in succession.”

Discipline in 19th-century religious circles was strict, and Union Baptist was no different. “Loose gossip, profanity, drunkenness and unexplained absences from church meetings were not tolerated,” the history says, and sometimes members were suspended and excluded from worship, though restored to good standing “after satisfactory repentance before the church.”

Long noted that during the church’s first 30 years, about 60 slaves were counted among its members. The first church building was constructed of logs and built to accommodate the slaves. The second church structure was built in 1879, and the third in 1904.

The present church building was dedicated in 1927, and this structure includes portions of the 1904 building. An educational building was built in 1958, and more finishing work was done in 1963.

Historical booklet for 1988 celebration.

Minutes from the 1800’s
These meeting minutes were shared weekly leading up to our 150th Celebration in 1988.